Pretend you're a fashionista with these limited edition My Sims accessories from Henry Holland, Giles Deacon et al

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Incase you didn’t know, the PC game you spent most of your teenage years playing – The Sims – is swinging its way to the Nintendo DS, and EA is celebrating by collaborating with some of the UK’s hottest designers of the moment (or so Catwalk Queen tells us) to offer limited edition accessories for your DS or Wii.

Henry Holland, Giles Deacon, Tatty Devine and Cassette Playa have all teamed up with the gaming company, with their limited edition products going on sale from the 8th of October on the My Sims website. Henry Holland (or House of Holland, as he goes by), has created one of his special slogan tees featuring a seamed-in DS pocket (£40, above), Giles Deacon a bag with his ‘Eek’ character for storing your Wii-mote (£35), Cassette Playa got busy designing vinyl and foil artworks that you can plaster your kit with (£15), and my favourite, Tatty Devine, has created an exclusive Wii-mote bag designed like a sushi tray, for £150.

My Sims accessories

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