Facebook voters say yes to more content control


The ballots are in, the votes have been counted and the titchy 600,000 out of 22 millions Facebook users have voted in favour of terms and conditions giving them more control over content posted on the social networking site.

The turn out was supposed to have sway if it represented a minimum of 30% of the Facebook population but it seems they underestimated the utter apathy of the internet population. Three percent managed to click an opinion. All those who couldn’t be bothered, raise your hand now. Yep, me too.

(via PC Pro)

AT&T is getting all 1984 on yo' asses, so if you criticise them, you're out

at%26t-logo.jpgWant another reason to dislike those sharks at AT&T? As if the awful mobile reception and huge phone bills weren’t bad enough, stories have surfaced in the past few days about their controversial Terms of Service, which allow the US company to terminate a customer’s service if acts of a defamatory or damaging manner are made against their reputation.

If caught criticising them on blogs, for instance, they reserve the right to terminate your connection completely. A spokesperson for the company however denied they would stoop to censorship…