Better touch up your make-up, Logitech now offers easy one-touch uploading to YouTube

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logitech-skype-youtube.jpgAt the end of last month, Logitech announced they’d partnered with Skype to bring high-quality video calls to the general unwashed public.

Adding to this partnership is Logitech’s recent friendship with YouTube, who has given the peripherals company an added boost by allowing them to tout a new ‘YouTube Video Toolbox’. Their QuickCam software, version 11.5, will now give users the choice to upload to the video-sharing site easily, with just a one-touch feature. Downloading the new software version will make a ‘YouTube’ button appear on the QuickCapture interface.

When you’ve finished fooling around in front of the camera, dancing and singing along to Britney’s latest single, simply select the video, and it’ll upload, with your inputted details such as title and tags. Couldn’t be more simple, really.

The new software is available for download here

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