Skype partners with Logitech for high-quality video calls

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logitech-skype.jpgSkype’s been busy of late, pairing off with every company willy-nilly. I’m guessing the frequent partnerships are eBay’s attempt at finally making money from their acquisition of several years ago, as I’m betting this deal with Logitech has made them millions and squillions.

Skype has made a gross claim that one in four calls on the VoIP service are video-calls, so it’s natural for them to choose a peripherals company renowned for their excellent webcams. From now on, users will be able to make high-quality video calls using just the latest Skype software, broadband connection, a PC with dual core processor and one of three special Logitech webcams.

Choose between the Quickcam Sphere, the Pro (intended for use with laptops), and the Pro 9000, and when the Skype software comes out of Beta and into the public realm sometime in November, you’ll be staring at your friends’ enlarged pores in high quality format whether you want to or not.

Skype | Logitech (via Shiny Shiny)

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