British village wants to opt out of GPS system


gps-wedmore-removed.jpgLorries. Lots of lorrries. Lorries facing the wrong way and having to turn around. Lots of angry lorry drivers. Life turned LIVING HELL.

Those are the mass complaints of the inhabitants of the once-sleepy village of Wedmore, which has been turned into a TRAFFIC HELL HOLE thanks to the amount of people GPS systems are pointing down its narrow streets.

The GPS service thinks going through Wedmore is a great way for 15,000 vehicles a day to get to Bristol Airport, apparently, resulting in jams and misery for the locals – so they want the route removed from the GPS system. But that’s unlikely to happen.

“We map the reality – the streets, the signposts and the road infrastructure. We cannot change that reality in our database. Who are we to make a change and say, ‘You cannot drive in that road’ if, in reality, you can drive in that road,” said Dirk Snauwaert from GPS map-supplier Tele Atlas.

So the poor locals of Wedmore have instead been told to put up signs themselves, telling lorry drivers which roads are best to drive down. Which is extremely unlikely to make any difference whatsoever.

(Via New York Times)

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  • Surely the local council can add various traffic calming measures to put off any traffic passing through?

  • Well, I used to live just up the road from here and the roads are TINY. The only solution here is a local ordinance banning HGVs from using the road network (except for local deliveries.)

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