Boingo offers worldwide Wi-Fi access for selected Nokia mobile devices


Boingo Wireless, claimed to be the owner of the world’s largest network of Wi-Fi hotspots, has announced that Boingo Mobile is now available for selected Nokia mobile devices, with worldwide access offered for £3.95 per month.

Boingo Mobile is available as a downloadable application via Nokia Download fro today for the N95, N80, N80 Internet Edition multimedia smartphones and from here for selected Wi-Fi enabled Nokia S60-based devices. The software identifies Boingo-enabled hotspots and automatically authenticates users.

“Millions of Nokia customers worldwide can use Boingo Mobile to effortlessly connect to Boingo’s hotspot network, allowing them to enjoy bandwidth-intensive applications at blazing-fast speeds,” said Dave Hagan, Boingo president and CEO. “Boingo Mobile simplifies the connection process and eliminates the cumbersome task of navigating public Wi-Fi walled gardens.”


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