CES 2007: LG's Super Multi DVD recorders

CES 2007, Home cinema

LG_DR700N.jpgAlongside LG’s impressive hybrid HD DVD / Blu ray player there was also a few other products announced for now officially old-school DVD format. First up is an excitingly named Super Multi Awesome DVD recorder, the DR700N, that “records to all major blank video disc types” – looking at the pics that consists of DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD+R. So it doesn’t look like dual layer is an option then. They do, however, benefit from an integrated digital cable and satellite set-top box controller to help you schedule your recordings. I’m not sure how well this would cross over to the UK so it seems plausible that LG might make do by sticking a digital tuner in instead.

Design-wise these are pretty similar in style to the new BH100 but with more of a matte finish. And if you’re planning on going all out and getting a matching LG telly you’ll be able to control these and other LG AV products via convenient on-screen menus.

If you’re feeling even more retro, or simply fancy dusting off some of those VHS movies, you can pick up the new RC700N Super Multi DVD Recorder & VCR that offers pretty much identical specs but with the addition of playing and recording to VHS. These DVD/VCR recorder combos also incorporate one-touch dubbing between DVD and VHS, which might be a good idea if you fancy storing your old taped content on a more modern disc.

Finally each incorporates a USB Media Host port (read USB port) that can play MP3, WMA or JPEG music and photo files. No word on prices or UK availablilty just yet.

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