Arcade Fire releases interactive Neon Bible music video exclusively online

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It’s the season for acclaimed bands to start realising the power the internets have, as yet another A-lister band has followed in the footsteps of Radiohead and The Charlatans and given online fans an exclusive gift.

I probably bigged Arcade Fire’s new website up a bit too much then, unfortunately they’re not stepping in the actual footprints of both the English bands and releasing their next album online for free, but they have launched their music video for their latest single, Neon Bible (for the album of the same name), purely online, and get this – it’s fully interactive. You can tell I’m pretty excited about this one.

Their new website, (an anagram of Neon Bible), shows lead singer Win Butler’s disembodied head and larger-than-life hands, which you can manipulate throughout the entirety of the song, as his head sings the words to the ominous title track. Move your mouse around his hands and body, and watch as he performs magic tricks just for you.

It’s certainly another first for the music industry, which has seen several huge blows to its ego recently, between Radiohead and the Charlatans favouring the internet over the archaic formula of releasing CDs through record labels.

Who knows what we’ll see next, as I’m sure the Neon Bible interactive video is just the first attempt we’ll see from the Canadian band as they harness all that the internet has to offer. Could their third album be released online, free to download? Only time will tell, but isn’t it an interesting world us music fans are living in. (thanks Dave!)

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