Puppy Tweets lets your dog bark in 140 characters

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Remember all those You've Been Framed clips of dogs playing the piano? Well that was just the beginning; thanks to Mattel's Puppy Tweets collar tag, your dog is about to enter the online world of social networking and Twitter. No,…

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Scalextric enters the world of social media

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Scalextric phoned me earlier. If you were a child of a certain part of the late 80s and early 90s, then you’ll immediately be envious. In actual fact, though, all that happened was that my inner eight-year-old immediately took the fore and started babbling excitedly. It was quite embarrassing. All they were trying to tell me is that Scalextric has entered the world of social media.

The company has launched a Facebook application, a YouTube channel and a blog. That wouldn’t normally be terribly exciting news, but the app and the channel seem pretty cool. The Facebook app lets you build a garage of cars that you can send to other people using the app. A few people will also win real-life Scalextric vouchers, so you can fill your real-life garage up with that instead.

The YouTube channel is also pretty awesome. There’s video of Jensen Button playing with the diminutive cars, but also guides on how to replace the contacts under the cars if they get worn, and footage of an attempt at the world record for biggest Scalextric track.

Lastly, the blog. It’s a little clunky, but there’s sections for news about the toys and space for news about motorsports. There’s also a ‘coming soon’ section for technical help on Scalextric builds, which I’m sure will come in handy.

The only thing missing in this list is a Twitter account. What’s that all about, Scalextric? I want to message @scalextric and not have some bloke from Warwickshire reply.

Blog, YouTube and Facebook App

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DOUBLE WORLD RECORD: World's largest Pokemon collection AND world's most insane woman

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Here’s a lady who calls herself Pikabellechu. She claims to be the Pokemon Princess, although we’re not sure Nintendo’s lawyers would agree with that.

She says she’s in possession of over 8000 Pokemon toys, which she claims is a world record on the Guinness World Records site, although the record does not appear to have been ratified by a Guinness World Records official…

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Void in life filled by Mario toys

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It’s OK. This makes everything OK. No matter how much you have spent on Sonic The Hedgehog plushes and Transformers action figures over the last 10 years, there is always someone out there who is in significantly deeper. Whoever owns this is in over their head. There is no way back to normal society from here.

This little lot is what you would generously describe as “quite a few” Nintendo toys. There would appear to be some duplicates in the collection, but that just adds to the sense of deep, tragic waste of money and a life.


I mustn’t laugh too much. If you changed…

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Swinxs brings out the kid in you and feeds him microchips

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This is Swinxs, and it’s sort-of like a games console, but not really. I suppose it’s the logical extension of the Wii’s “getting people active” push. It’s a brightly coloured box, with armbands containing RFID chips, that lets you play a bunch of traditional party games, but with actually-quite-awesome technological extras…

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Star Trek Command Chair – Get your little clipboard and come sit on my lap, Uhura

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No one understands your needs like Diamond Select Toys understands your needs – which is why the sci-fi toy and replica company has started making some of these. For you. For you to sit on and dream. For us all to sit on and dream. A realistic Star Trek Command Chair.

Based on the original Kirk-housing 1960s Trek captain’s chair, the new model makes sounds. The correct sounds. It even has lights and sampled dialogue. All you need to provide for 100% Trek authenticity is a ruffled quiff, slightly torn uniform and your girlfriend covered in green paint.


The realistically-proportioned Command Chair will go on sale in 2009. You might want to email the…

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