Firebox launch Putty Monsters: Toys for kids, invented by a kid

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putty monsters.jpgRemember that scene in classic 80s coming of age flick Big, where man/child hybrid Tom Hanks gets to live out his dream of working as a toy inventor? Well, thanks to a neat little competition ran by the folks over at Firebox, young inventor Tom Spring has been able to do just that. Minus the shaving rash (or at least we hope so…).

Tom fended off some 1,200 other entries to see his Putty Monster toys go into production with the help of Firebox. Made of a squidgy, plasticine-like material, the goggle-eyed blobs can shaped into whatever their owners’ imaginations see fit. Then, when you’re bored of them, leave them a while and they’ll melt back into a little ball at room temperature, ready to start all over again.

“I came up with the Putty Monster idea because I like to play with Putty” says Tom, “I’ve always been in to monsters and aliens and I’m a big fan of the Flaminals stories – so it made sense to bundle them all together.”

Cleverly, Tom also thought to add on online, social element to his toys. Owners are encouraged to take a snap of their creations and post them to a web-based database, where users can compare and rate the ghouls.

There are five different Putty Monsters to collect, priced £9.99 each. Click here to grab them.

Also, if you’re interested in getting involved in next year’s young inventors competition, click here.

Gerald Lynch
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