Skobbler open-source sat nav app hits Android phones

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Skobbler android.jpgIt’s already proved a massive success on the iPhone, with 82,000 downloads to its name and now Skobbler, the free open-source sat nav app, is rolling out to Android phones too.

Skobbler is unique in that it is user driven. Using the OpenStreetMap (OSM) open-source mapping wiki, the Skobbler community paired with the 250,000 OSM users team up to keep maps updated and relevant. Everyone reaps the benefits of regularly refreshed maps, and no-one pays a penny for the pleasure.

“Developing skobbler for the Android platform was the next logical step for the company,” says Marcus Thielking, co-founder of skobbler. “Our goal is to show that the revolutionary OpenStreetMap (OSM) concept can already support great location-based services, even in the most complex category which is definitely car navigation.

“Developing our unique OSM-based apps for the most popular mobile platforms has always been part of our ongoing strategy. We are looking forward to the feedback of our Android customers and hope that they will embrace the idea of a nationwide (if not worldwide) collaborative mapping project just as much as iPhone users have done already. We look forward to seeing what we call, ‘the future of sat nav’ become a reality, making expensive GPS hardware and slow, costly map updates a thing of the past.”

Skobbler’s key features include

·         Turn-by-turn GPS navigation
·         Visual and voice-guided navigation
·         2.5D bird’s eye view graphics
·         Day and night display modes
·         Automatic continuation of navigation after incoming calls
·         Pedestrian mode
·         Take me home function
·         Dynamic map updates at no extra cost
·         User-editable maps of UK and Ireland (OpenStreetMap data)
·         Bookmarks for favourite destinations

For more info, head over to the Skobbler blog.

Gerald Lynch
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