Lego digital camera available now from IWOOT

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lego digital camera.jpgExcellent little Christmas present this one; I mean, who wouldn’t want a camera made out of Lego? I’m pretty sure I tried building one myself as a kid, but just didn’t have the electrical engineering knowledge (or patience) to finish it.

A 3 mega pixel camera with 4X digital zoom, the colourful camera also has a 1.4 inch screen to preview pics, rechargeable battery and USB transfer support. In a nice touch, the camera has accurately sized Lego blocks on top and bottom, meaning you can connect this camera to any of your other Lego block kits.

Ok, so there’s no denying that this is a pretty basic camera. Your mobile can probably take higher-resolution snaps and can likely hold more shots too. But you’d have to be dead to the world to not be excited about popping this thing on top of your epic Lego constructions. A great one for the little ‘uns.

Pick one up from IWOOT, priced at £59.99

Gerald Lynch
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