BREAKING NEWS: HMV set Nintendo 3DS UK price at £229, most expensive handheld ever

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Though Nintendo would not be held down for a price on the 3DS handheld system at the console's Amsterdam launch today, HMV are the first retailers to set a UK price for the glasses-free 3D gaming kit, at a wallet-busting…

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BREAKING NEWS: Nintendo 3DS UK launch date officially revealed

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Nintendo have confirmed the UK release date of their 3DS handheld games console. The successor to the record-breaking DS will touch down on March 25th 2011, though would not be pinned down on a UK price yet. (UPDATE: Reports…

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CES 2011 – Panasonic Press conference reveals Viera Connect Market, new VT30 flagship 3D TV range

Gerald Lynch 3D TV, CES 2011, CES 2011, Tech Digest news 1 Comment

Panasonic's North American CEO Joe Taylor kicked off his gang's press conference by describing Panasonic's continued work in 3D developments. A 3D innovation centre will be set up in Hollywood, alongside an International 3D society to create more 3D content…

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CES 2011 – Samsung push forward with 3D and connected TVs at press conference, Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab incoming

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Samsung were the next tech firm to take to the CES conference stage, with so many journos lining up to see their gear that hundreds were refused admittance. David Steele was the first speaker, keen to stress Samsung's continued commitment…

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Duncan Geere Flash Game of the Week 7 Comments


Last week, I rather shamefully took the crown with a score of 7,180 on Downhill Bowling. This week, you’ve got a chance, because I’m typing from a laptop and have to use a damn trackpad.

This week, we’ve got the resoundingly topical Sock and Awe. Chuck shoes at President Bush, get dragged out, get beaten in jail. Well, the first of those three, anyway. I managed a paltry 5 hits before getting ‘removed’ from the room. You can do better than that. Click here, and then let us know what you got in the comments below.

Sock and Awe

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O2 Wallet – using your phone as your Oyster/Paywave/etc card

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Phone 0010.jpg

O2 have just completed a test of “near field communications”. It’s the technology used in Visa Paywave cards, Oyster cards, cards that let you into your block of flats, and all sorts of things. A similar sort of thing to the Barclaycard OnePulse card, but they want to put it into your phone so you don’t have to carry around a physical card. Good idea in theory. But what about in practice…?

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CES 2008: Toshiba's response to Warner's Blu-ray allegiance, and what it means for the future of HD DVD

Gemma CES 2008 Leave a Comment

In light of the recent announcement that Warner Bros are backing Blu-ray in the high definition format war (and the subsequent cancellation of the HD DVD press conference) it's no surprise the press packed into the Toshiba press conference this morning to hear what they have to say about the supposed 'death' of HD DVD. After a quick intro from Toshiba CEO Akio Ozaka, who stressed he was "suprised by Warner Bros' announcement", the 'lucky' person who had to face the crowds and defend the format was Jodi Sally, VP of marketing for the Digital A/V department. We got it all on video for you…

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Is the UK-only Apple press conference next Tuesday about the iPhone launch here?

Katherine Hannaford iPhone Leave a Comment

Very excited I was, to walk into work this morning and discover an email from Apple sitting in my Outlook account. There’s nothing better, unless it’s correspondence from my dear friends in Nigeria informing me of the amazing news that I’ve inherited millions of dollars from them. Good times, good times.

Speculation is brewing in our office as to just what Apple are hinting at with their email, with them inviting us to a special UK-only press conference at their store on Regent Street next Tuesday….

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CES 2007: Stuart Dredge's Philip's press conference video diary

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Hear Tech Digest’s Stuart Dredge mouth off after attending Philip’s press conference at CES 2007, where he chats face-to-face with the camera about bling TVs, light-up shirts, and portable media players. Try not to notice the weary, jetlagged, and starvingness of the poor boy. Bring on the food!

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