Barclaycard contactless credit card signs up 1,000 London shops


barclaycard-onepulse.jpgThe Oyster travelcard system has been a big success in London (i.e. it’s not been a colossal cock-up like most public service technology projects), and now Barclays is extending the idea to paying for stuff other than tube journeys.

Its new touch-and-pay credit card is called BarclayCard OnePulse, and launches in September. It’ll let you pay for items in over 1,000 London retailers, including Coffee Republic and Eat, by pressing the card against a special pad.

If the items cost under a tenner, you won’t even need to enter a PIN – a fact that would be more impressive if a pair of coffees and muffins didn’t already cost over a tenner in most London cafes. Better still, the card will ALSO work as an Oyster card, thanks to a three-year exclusive deal with Transport For London’s technology supplier TranSys. Want one? Register via the link below.

BarclayCard OnePulse website (via BBC News Online)

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