Hitachi RFID dust to track your family jewels



If you’re worried about your jewelry catching unwanted attention from would-be thieves, you’ll be happy to know Hitachi is right on the problem. They’re working with jewelers to embed their almost-invisibly-small RFID dust in rings, watches, necklaces, and other small stealables, so that they can be easily tracked and selling them is more difficult. Each chip has a unique 38-digit number which is integrated into the circuitry, and broadcasts to a special receiver. (Logically the easiest way around these is simply to short out the RFID chip and claim it doesn’t have the identifier in the first place.) Somewhat unexpectedly, Wal-Mart plans to be among the first to debut the technology, presumably more to avert shoplifting than handsome and daring cat burglars who will also make sweet sweet love to you before vanishing with your heart and a handful of family jewels. [GT]

Radio tags could make jewelry more secure (via Red Ferret)

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