Digital TV switchover will create a mountain of electronic junk


tv.pngA recent survey for YouGov suggests that the confusion surrounding the switchover from analogue to digital TV will lead to a mountain of junked TVs – equipment that could have worked perfectly well with the right digital box.

Apparently, there are 25 million analogue TVs still in use, and unless you want to switch over to high definition at the same time, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t continue to use your set until its cathode ray tube finally conks out.

Yes, a nice shiny LCD or plasma flat screen is very appealing, but if your set is still working, why trash it?

Then again, if you’re in London, you’ve still another five years or so to wait until the switch, by which time your huge analogue TV could be on its Zimmer frame anyway.

Apparently, Sky installers have reported going to homes to install high definition equipment, only to find that there’s no HD compliant TV to plug it in to.

Seems confusion may equal a big environmental problem.

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