Is the UK-only Apple press conference next Tuesday about the iPhone launch here?


Very excited I was, to walk into work this morning and discover an email from Apple sitting in my Outlook account. There’s nothing better, unless it’s correspondence from my dear friends in Nigeria informing me of the amazing news that I’ve inherited millions of dollars from them. Good times, good times.

Speculation is brewing in our office as to just what Apple are hinting at with their email, with them inviting us to a special UK-only press conference at their store on Regent Street next Tuesday. ‘Mum is no longer the word’ being plastered on the top of the email has got Susi and I thinking it must be the official announcement we’ve all been waiting for, the actual date the iPhone drops here in Europe. Keep refreshing Tech Digest next Tuesday from 10am onwards, as we’ll be delivering the exciting news as soon as we receive it. And if it’s just a new collection of Nano socks, I might just throw my iPod into a pot of boiling oil.

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Katherine Hannaford
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