CES 2011 – Samsung push forward with 3D and connected TVs at press conference, Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab incoming

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Samsung were the next tech firm to take to the CES conference stage, with so many journos lining up to see their gear that hundreds were refused admittance.

David Steele was the first speaker, keen to stress Samsung’s continued commitment to 3D.

“When we were here last January the big thing we were talking about was the new 3D paradigm,” Steele explained. “Today you’ll hear about our plans to expand the overall 3D ecosystem.”

Sammy then went on to show off their latest Series 7 and Series 8 3D TV models. Both ranges are nearly bezel free, adding an extra inch to the image without a physical bump up in the overall size of the televisions. Expected to come at a higher premium, the 8 series had a metallic border and slightly smaller bezel overall.

A new range of 3D specs are also being shown off, which will come as a relief to prescription glasses wearers as they’ll fit snugly over your regular frames.

Just like LG earlier today, Samsung will also be continuing to push web-connected sets to market. DLNA connections come as standard, with Samsung hoping apps will be become as ubiquitous in the arm chair as they are in your pocketable smartphone. The sets will be bolstered by a newly revealed touchscreen remote that allows a separate program to be watched in your hand, while also letting you send messages via an onscreen QWERTY to your pals.

A Wi-Fi only variant of the Galaxy Tab was also promised, though there seems no apparent change to the device expect the omission of 3G connectivity.. It’s due in the first quarter of this year.

Gerald Lynch
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