CES 2009: Samsung reveals huge range of new LCD and plasma HD tellies


I knew that not long after reeling off LG’s massive line of new HDTVs then along would come someone else with lots of TVs to brag about.

That’s Samsung.

Here we go, then, with the latest high definition TVs from the South Korean technology giant.

First on the list is the new 8000, 7000, and 6000 Series of LED HDTVs which boast better environmental credentials and over 40% less energy usage to LCD TVs of a similar size. Fortunately, Dan’s already done a sterling job reviewing these tellies so I’ll move on to Samsung’s other new displays…

Pioneer intros sleek, audiophile-friendly Series 8 speakers


Pioneer has announced its new line of Series 8 audiophile-quality speakers, available in three models: S-81 floor-standing, S-81B-LR bookshelf, and S-81C centre speaker.

Created by an international team of acoustic engineers, they feature an advanced speaker unit construction including concentric tweeter/midrange driver, a tweeter made from titanium, and Harmonised Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method technology which can reproduce the very high frequencies found in high definition recordings…