Euclideon Unlimited Detail vs. Atomontage: The photo-real future of gaming graphics?

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The PC gaming community has always been one step ahead of their console counterparts in terms of graphics thanks to the quicker turnover of top-spec hardware components hitting the market. But a video popping up online this week has…

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Rock adds Intel's Q9000 quad-core chip to its Xtreme 780 gaming laptop

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There are very few true PC gamers that’ll willingly buy a laptop over a desktop, primarily because the performance-price difference is so great. Rock’s just added an Intel Q9000 chip to its flagship gaming laptop – the Xtreme 780, but I suspect the majority of gamers out there simply won’t care.

It’s not even that great a machine. Quad-core aside, the 512MB Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTS is merely adequate, the 2GB of memory will look very meagre before the end of 2009, and a 250GB hard drive is considerably less than most gamers will need. For £1700, which is what the Xtreme 780 costs, you could make two desktop PCs that outspec this laptop.

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NVIDIA slyly reveals the new 9600 GSO: low end graphics card for the masses

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NVIDIA normally likes to make a big fan fare of its new graphics card announcements, using words like ‘ultimate visual computing experience’ and ‘visual computing revolution’. But this rousing lingo is reserved for its top end models; the ones designed for people who build PCs costing nearly as much a small family hatchback.

The poor old 9600 GSO gets no such honour; NVIDIA just made do by dumping the details on its website and pretending like it had no idea how it all got there. In spite of that though, this could be a pretty important card for the PC gaming market…

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NVIDIA launches the world's fastest graphics card EVER!!! (Again)

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The evolution of graphics card technology trundles inevitably onwards, with us now seeing the first of the 9800 series NVIDIA graphics cards. PC Gaming addicts will be falling over themselves in the rush to get their mitts on what amounts to the most powerful graphics card in the world today, but with increasing pressure coming from the consoles, is this really what PC Gaming really needs right now?

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