Valve's Steam gaming store now ready for super-fast downloads

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steam thumb.jpgSteam, the digital distribution gaming store that’s been keeping PC gamers loaded with top quality titles since 2003, is to get a major backend overhaul that will drastically improve download times.

Though Steam is hardly a slow service as it stands, the release of high-profile games can cause the service to chug along at a snail’s pace during the early hours and days of a big launch. That’s all set to change though thanks to an “all new” server and client coding from the Valve team.

“The maximum aggregate bandwidth of the system will be greater than the current system; this will help us satisfy spikes in demand when there’s a big release,” reads the official announcement.

“Upcoming client releases will include things like download scheduling, bandwidth throttling, and prioritising which games get downloaded first. You’ll also be able to download an update to a game while you’re playing that game; Steam will apply the update after you exit the game.”

As well as the improvements detailed above, the new Steam set-up will also mean patch sizes will decrease.

The new system will roll out gradually over the coming weeks, with the entire Steam catalogue eventually upgraded.

Gerald Lynch
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