Mega-powerful Alienware M18x and M14x gaming laptops revealed

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Alienware have just revealed two new gaming laptops, the M18x and M14x. Easily capable replacements for desktop machines, they’re two of the most powerful portable gaming rigs we’ve ever seen.

Starting with the flagship M18x, it’s an 18 inch Full HD machine, billed as the “most powerful 18-inch gaming laptop in the universe”. And not without good reason too; under the hood is an Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad-core CPU overclocked to 4GHz, dual GPU options from both AMD and NVIDIA with GDDR5, with the graphic options in Crossfire X and SLI respectively. There’s the potential to upgrade with a whopping 32GB 1333MHz memory too.

HDMI Output and Input are both supported, with wireless HD and 3D output also supported.

Moving on to the more compact M14x, second-generation four and two-core Intel Core i7 CPUs take pride of place beneath a 14 inch HD screen. Discrete graphics are paired with an optical disk drive, great for those with big libraries of physical games. NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M chip with 3GB of memory, with up to 8GB of 1600MHz Extreme-Performance system memory. HDMI v.1.4 support is flanked by 7.1 digital audio.

We’re still waiting on pricing on the M18x, but pricing for the M14x starts at £1098.99.

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