Top 3 FREE computer security tips from Kaspersky Lab's Costin Raiu

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kapersky-costin.jpgThis week sees London’s Earls Court play host to the InfoSec computer and mobile security conference, where all the major players from the anti-virus and back-up software developing fields come together to tout their wares. We caught up yesterday with Kaspersky Lab’s Costin Raiu, the company’s Director of Global Research and Analysis Team.

He gave Tech Digest readers his Top 3 free computer security tips that can keep you better protected straight away. Read on for the equivalent of a digital bullet-proof vest!

1) Keep Your Operating System Updated

In order of importance, firstly they should update their operating systems regularly; Android, Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, whatever. I know this can be quite painful, but it’s very, very important as it patches up security flaws and gives hackers and malware less room to work within.

2) Never, EVER, Use Pirate Software Or Watch Pirate Movies

The second one is to make sure they don’t use pirate software. A lot of pirate software, particularly with Mac OS, come loaded with trojans. This can also be extended to pirate movies; recently we’ve seen “movies” on pirate torrent websites where the files aren’t actually real videos. Instead they claim the user doesn’t have the proper codec to view the film, directing them to download it from unsafe websites. When they download it obviously their machines get infected. So staying away from pirate sources in general is my second free tip!

3) Use Common Sense When Clicking Unusual Links Or Browsing Social Networks

The third tip has to do with user mentality. A lot of things happen because users aren’t aware of security threats, so they click on strange links or don’t properly screen links that friends have sent purely because they trust their pals, even if they’re not so sure of the source. It’s about using common sense and being careful if you spot unusual messages from your friends or social network contacts. If you see strange applications trying to access your profile on Twitter or Facebook, just don’t allow them unless you’re absolutely sure they’re approved! So that’s my three free tips!

You can read our full in-depth interview with Costin by clicking here.

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  • i use kaspersky too.. love it. fast n light. now i know, movie also can have virus/trojan attached… never experienced it b4.

  • Great advice from a guru in computer security business. I wonder why free anti-virus software (offered by some of the leading anti-virus companies) did not make the list!

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