$19,999 for a diamond-encrusted Apple iPad

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You may think yourself part of a pretty exclusive club of early-adopters if you were one of the lucky 120,000-odd who scooped up an iPad pre-order over the weekend. But nothing reeks of exclusivity like diamond-encrusted tech, or a diamond…

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Japan-only release for the 40 megapixel Pentax 645D DSLR stunner

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Looking forward to getting your hands on Pentax's long awaited 40 megapixel 645D DSLR? Well you're in luck…providing you can get yourself on a plane to Japan, that is. Yep, Pentax's impressively spec'd DSLR will only be on sale in…

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Harman Kardon launch the GLA-55 speaker system

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If money is no object and you are looking for a sleekly designed piece of kit to wow your mates with, the GLA-55 speakers are certainly an eye-catching proposition. £749.99 is a hell of a price tag, but you can sit smug knowing that there are only 3,000 units currently in the world, and that you'll be one of the exclusive few who can afford them.

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Luxury screen cleaning fluid – for the geek who has everything

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Just when you think you’ve seen every luxury product, another one comes along. This time we’ve got luxury screen cleaning fluid, and it comes in what looks like perfume bottles.

The manufacturers warn that using alcohol-based cleaning products can cause irreparable harm to LCD screens. They’ve formulated an alcohol-free, water-based cleaner that won’t cause any damage to your expensive 42″ plasma.

On the left, you’ve got the “Eazy Care”, which comes in black or white, and costs £20. On the right is the “One Care”, which costs £15. Refills are available for either for just £6. If either float your boat, then pick up a bottle at Currys or John Lewis.

AM Denmark Screen Cleaners

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Motorola Aura – luxury phone with the first circular display

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Blimey. Sometimes stuff leaks very very early, other times you don’t see it till it’s nearly out. This certainly falls into the latter category. It’s a more-than-a-little-ridiculous new phone from Motorola. “Luxury” doesn’t come close – this phone has more than 700 individual components, a 62-carat sapphire crystal lens, and the world’s first 16 million colour, circular display with 300 dpi resolution.

I’m feeling a little breathless right now, so here’s what Motorola has to say about the device:

Combining superb craftsmanship and a distinctive interface, AURA delivers a sensory experience that is second to none for those with refined tastes. From the moment AURA owners pick up their devices, they elevate their own experience in luxury and unmatched quality.

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