YouGov site reveals how people rate each of Trump’s tweets

Heaven help us. As if the guy doesn't get enough publicity for his frankly insane social media activity, YouGov has unveiled a new website – – showing how people rate each of Donald Trump’s tweets. YouGov TweetIndex is a new site that shows how the public reacts to a tweet’s content. To showcase the service, YouGov…

Set a cookie! Blog about it! Most hated Internet words revealed

wikipedia.jpgYouGov has conducted a poll of over two-thousand UK adults, on behalf of the Lulu Blooker Prize (yes, blogs from books – blooker), and found out which Internet-inspired words are hated the most.

Top of the pile came “folksonomy”, a term used to describe a user-genreated web classification system (I have enough trouble getting my head around a taxonomy, without folk messing about with it).

Second came “blogosphere”, used to describe the universal collection of “blogs”, which came third.