Set a cookie! Blog about it! Most hated Internet words revealed


wikipedia.jpgYouGov has conducted a poll of over two-thousand UK adults, on behalf of the Lulu Blooker Prize (yes, blogs from books – blooker), and found out which Internet-inspired words are hated the most.

Top of the pile came “folksonomy”, a term used to describe a user-genreated web classification system (I have enough trouble getting my head around a taxonomy, without folk messing about with it).

Second came “blogosphere”, used to describe the universal collection of “blogs”, which came third.

“Netiquette”, which refers to how people should behave online (of which there seems precious little of on some parts of the Internet – usually the blogosphere), came in at number four.

“Blook” was fifth.

After lamenting that the sixth, seventh, and eighth spots seem to have vanished into cyberspace, “cookie” came in at ninth place (I like cookies), with “wiki” rounding up proceedings in tenth place.

It seems as if a lot of these words are here to stay. The Collins English Dictionary have said that many of these words, and more, will appear in their ninth edition. Better get used to them – but learn fast, because when Web 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, etc. come along, we’ll need a whole new set of words to describe it.

And many will sound just as daft as the ones we use now.

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