Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff get virtual for Stardoll

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stardoll-lavigne.jpgThe average Tech Digest reader shouldn’t really be frequenting online community Stardoll. Why? Well, it’s aimed at 10-17 year-old girls for starters. But if you have a daughter that age looking for Web 2.0 recommendations, it’s a snazzier alternative to the usual social networking sites.

Nevertheless, Stardoll has announced a couple of interesting deals today, with Avril Lavigne and Hilary Duff. They’ll both be hosting their own ‘Real Celebrity’ pages on the community, streaming songs and video clips, while also flogging “virtualwear” for people’s avatars.

Can someone invent this kind of community for us thirtysomething music fans? I don’t see why teenage girls should have all the avatar-dressing fun – imagine how cool it’d be having a malnourished floppy-fringed indiebloke avatar to dress up in Rakes t-shirts. Or something.

Stardoll website

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