Pet Shop Boys Go Fest – in Second Life

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petshopboys.jpgThe world’s finest pop/dance/social commentators are performing a concert in Second Life at the end of the month, according to accidental internet revelations.

Second Fest is a music festival, only you can stay at home and use your clean, fully functioning, beautifully-smelling toilet for the duration of your stay, and sleep in a bed not on the ground, thanks to it taking place entirely on your PC within Second Life.

Numerous music areas will be set up in the ‘game’ for different artists to ‘perform’, with cool people like New Young Pony Club and Hot Chip to keep the youth demographic happy, while dad waits for Neil and Chris to put on the funny hats and do a new version of Rent.

The Pet Shop Boys aren’t officially confirmed, though – their attendance was only leaked through one attendee’s MySpace blog. But as the Boys are currently rocking the country on a tour at the moment, it clearly makes perfect sense.

Second Fest takes place over the weekend of June 29 to July 1, and you don’t even have to scour eBay for rip-off tickets.

Guardian Second Fest

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  • Visit the boys official website, they are indeed performing! Brilliant move Chris and Neil, now I just need to get my arse in Second Life! All My Love, EJ.

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