Survey shows people so attached to mobile phones, a million quid wouldn't make them give up

Mobile phones

money_bags.gifAccording to the latest installment of the Carphone Warehouse’s “Mobile Life” research, the Great British public are so attached to their mobile phones that they wouldn’t give them up – even for a million pounds.

The results come out of depriving 24 pour souls out of their mobile phones for a week, in order to understand how they shape our behaviour.

One in three people said they wouldn’t give up their phone for a million pounds. 76% said they believed it was a social requirement to have a mobile phone, while 85% think that having a mobile phone is vital to maintaining their quality of life.

Most younger adults think that the phones were critical to their social life and friendship groups, and 16-24 year-olds would give up alcohol, chocolate, sex, tea, or coffee, rather than go without their mobi for a month (yeah, like to see it).

Caffeine is a stronger pull for those over 45 though, who would also give up all the items listed above, except coffee and tea.

One thing that puzzles me, though, is why you wouldn’t just take the million quid, and buy a new phone? Daft! You could get an iPhone, Nokia N95, an LG Prada, and a Porsche phone for that, and still have enough for a few alcopops, or a couple of Starbucks’ cappuccinos.

(Via Cellular News)

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