New survey suggests UK mobile phone users seek value for money and good customer service

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mobile.pngA survey of 1,031 UK residents aged between 16 and 80 has shown that advertising does very little to persuade them to choose a particular mobile phone operator. Only 3.98% were influenced by marketing.

Of the 29.4% who switched providers last year, 73.2% said that a better tariff lured them, whilst 9.4% said that they were unhappy with customer service. 7.6% of people changed provider to be on the same network as their friends and family, while 5.8% changed due to poor network coverage with their existing carrier.

Asked about the influences that caused them to choose a particular network, 51% were influenced by price, 54.4% by functionality, and 34.3% on the phone brands available.

Contrary to what I had previously thought, this survey suggested that older customers were more likely to switch providers than their younger counterparts.

The most important phone capabilities mentioned were the ability to send text messages, followed by upgradability, MP3 capabilities, video, web browsing, email, and gaming.

Tim Ogle, Group Marketing Director at Retail Eyes, said, “The results of this research demonstrate that, although pricing is the biggest influencer in making a decision about a new mobile, customer service is a big enough influencer that providers and retailers need to take notice. The fact that nearly 10 per cent of customers switch providers due to poor service and 27.9 per cent would not return to a phone retailer if the sales staff were too pushy means service has a huge impact on their bottom line.”

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