Just 5% of Brits trust tech firms with data, claims study


In modern society, many of us find ourselves giving more and more of our personal data to better experience and use products/services provided by a range of industries. One of those key industries is the tech sector. 

Interested in data protection, MoneyTransfers.com analysed the latest data from YouGov, to establish which countries in the world most and least trust tech companies with their personal data.

The countries which trust tech companies the most and least with their personal data
Rank Country % Trust
1. India 17%
2. Indonesia 15%
3. Germany 12%
3. Mexico 12%
3. United Arab Emirates (UAE) 12%
4. China 11%
4. Poland 11%
5. Italy 9%
5. Denmark 9%
5. Sweden 9%
5. Spain 9%
6. Australia 8%
6. Hong Kong 8%
7. United States (US) 7%
8. United Kingdom (UK) 5%
8. Singapore 5%
9. France 4%


MoneyTransfers.com found that India is in number one spot as 17% of Indians trust tech companies with their personal data.

In second position is Indonesia, where only 15% of Indonesians are confident tech companies diligently handle their personal data.

Germany, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are in joint third place, as a mere 12% of citizens in each respective country believe tech companies are competent and ethical in their management of personal data.

China (11%) and Poland (11%) are among the other countries where over 10% of citizens in the respective countries have faith in tech companies with their personal data, respectively ranking joint fourth.

At the other end in ninth position is France as French citizens are the most sceptical, just 4% trust tech companies with their personal data.

Just above France is Singapore and the United Kingdom in joint eighth place, as only 5% of citizens in each of the two respective countries are confident about how tech companies oversee and use their personal data.

Chris Price
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