Ban this SICK FILTH: Wii Fit edition


When videogames hit tabloid headlines it is usually because they’re being blamed for a horrific stabbing and inspiring homicidal tantrums; so what could the widely applauded Wii Fit title on the incredibly family-friendly Nintendo Wii have done to earn this week’s withering attack from ‘experts’? It allegedly called a little girl ‘fat’. Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!

Wii Fit did the business – sixth most successful launch in the UK EVER


Good lord. We doubted it, we really did. We thought that the odd balancing/health/positive-thinking game would be a bit of a disaster, especially with its £70 price tag.

But no – Wii Fit managed to enter the UK charts at #1 this week, and it sold like crazy – handing it the sixth biggest-selling launch period of any game in the UK. Taking into account the £70 price point, Wii Fit actually became the third highest cash-taker of all time – taking £16.3m in the UK…

Wii Fit – out today. Will it, you know, actually sell?


With Mario Kart Wii currently hogging the #1 spot in the games charts, it’s time for Nintendo to once again reach out to “The Others” – those gamers who are more interested in “fun” than getting a 100% rating and all the gold bananas on level 128.

Wii Fit is, frankly, one of those games that us traditional gamers laugh at. Is it even a game? Can standing on a plastic pad doing yoga moves…

Opinion: Why Nintendo is getting it right on lifestyle games

Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes…

If you’ve ever played games, then at some point, you have absolutely loved a Nintendo title – for many of us, they were the firm who shaped our childhood virtual experiences. And while Sony and Microsoft are great at catering to the core gamer, Ninty have always been the best at spotting new opportunities and finding ways to appeal to everyone.

Just look at the Game Boy, the most successful handheld of all time and played by men, women, children of both sexes and grandparents. This week Nintendo showed off a whole new crop of lifestyle titles in its Touch Generation series and I was left in no doubt that these are going to expand gaming horizons into areas they have so far been slow to reach…