EA to release new fitness game for the Wii


EA is going all soft on us with the announcement of a new Wii Fit-style game for Nintendo’s front room box next year.

Promising to be bigger, badder and sweatier, EA Sports Active will bring a more straight forward, aerobics-type exercise together with the likes of yoga and tennis simulations in order to keep the whole family fit and have fun at the same time. Vomit here.

Until now, EA has targeted young men with its sports games and the departure represents a desperation decision based on the impending economic apocalypse, after which it is predicted that only five tech companies will exist. This is EA’s bid to survive.

The game will cost $60 and come with all manner of strap-on attachments to free your hands while you perform lunges and handstands and what-have-you in front of the TV. It all sounds too close to buying a video of Mad Lizzie’s Work Out if you ask me but then it’s probably a good move for EA. It’s a decent alternative to expensive gym memberships just in case anyone has one of those. I hear people do.

(via AP)

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Daniel Sung
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