E3: Nintendo Wii Fit promises calorie-busting fun



You’ve probably read all the stories about how you can get fit by playing Wii Sports. To be honest, you’re more likely to end up with a strained wrist from over-enthusiastic baseball swings. However, Nintendo has announced a Wii game that really will sort your health out. Its name: Wii Fit.

Designed to be played by all the family, it provides you with a daily workout, and the ability to track and compare your stats via a new Wii Channel. It’ll also come with a dedicated peripheral, the Wii Balance Board, which you stand on and which measures your balance.

It’s a bunch of mini-games, including blocking footballs, swivelling hula hoops, holding Yoga poses, and even ski jumping. All in all, there’ll be 40 separate training activities to try.

wii-balance-board.jpgThe game will track your Body Mass Index, and also your ‘Wii Fitness Age’ – in much the same way that Nintendo’s brain training DS games track your mental age.

It sounds ace, frankly, and makes me wish I hadn’t just splashed out on an exercise bike. The release date is still to be confirmed, but it looks like Wii Fitness and the Wii Balance Board (both working titles, apparently) will continue the Wii’s march into the living rooms of non-gamers everywhere.

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Stuart Dredge
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  • Well I can’t wait for this to come to the shops. I will definately be joining the queue at the electrical store. I have just started playing on the wii and this looks like a whole lotta fun!!

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