£55 for a painless 802.11n router upgrade? The Trendnet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader


If you’re still rocking an 802.11b/g wireless router, then you’re living in the dark ages, networkily-speaking. The new n standard is faster, more powerful and more secure. The problem is, though, that upgrading your router is a pain, involving painstaking copying of network settings and a significant cash outlay.

Enter the Trendnet TEW-637AP Wireless Easy-N-Upgrader. Plug it into the back of your existing router, and it’ll do everything for you, converting the network to 802.11n and keeping all your existing settings. It’s available in the USA from NewEgg for just $25, but us Brits have to pay £55 for the thing! Hopefully we’ll see a similar price cut in the near future.

Product Page (via OhGizmo!)

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13" White Macbook gets a sneaky upgrade


Bought a Macbook recently? Start kicking yourself, because Apple has just announced a sneaky upgrade to the 13″ white MacBook which pumps up the capabilities of the diminutive, but popular, machine to the standards of its unibody compatriots.

The machine pumps the processor up to a Core 2 Duo with faster 1,066MHz FSB, a doubling of RAM (2GB, rather than one) and a considerably nicer integrated graphics unit. Bluetooth’s upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1, too.

It hasn’t hit the UK store yet, only the US one, but I suspect us Brits will get the same upgrade within a matter of days. In the meantime, if you were planning a purchase, it might be worth waiting a day or two until the UK store updates too. Price is still the same.

UK Apple Store (via Engadget)

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Google search bar coming to PSP in 4.00 firmware upgrade


While Sony might be messing things up a little elsewhere in its gaming portfolio, it’s charming PSP goes from strength to strength with each software update – and the changes coming in version 4.00 are every bit as innovative as we’ve come to expect from the portable media-playing power machine.

Well, fairly innovative – there’ll be a little Google search bar on the front end of the machine’s XMB dashboard menu screen thing when you update to firmware v4.00, allowing wi-fi-connected PSPs…

Apple rumour #78,941 for the week – new MacBooks in as little as six weeks?


Thankfully another rumour from inside Cupertino has reared its smooth white head, with a Commercial Times article claiming that we’ll be seeing an upgrade to the MacBook range in the third quarter of 2008.

For anyone holding out for a new MacBook, that’s at least six weeks away, and even then, it’s still just rumour. The rumours this time around seem to be based on two Taiwanese flat-panel makers receiving orders for up to 3 million units for new MacBooks.

Most believe the revision will…

PS3 firmware upgrade 2.3 will give DTS-HD Master Audio support, hurrah!


It’s official – the PS3 is now the best Blu-ray player you could throw your money at, and one of the cheapest too, at £299.99.

Sony has just announced the PS3 now has DTS-HD Master Audio support, which is one of the highest resolution audio formats for films, with Dolby TrueHD being the only other contender. Support for that format, and DTS-HD High Resolution, will become available in the latest firmware upgrade, version 2.3, due out on April the 15th.

Most new Blu-ray players can output DTS-HD MA, however only a small amount of AV receivers can actually decode it. The popular (amongst audiophiles) format gives the user a 7.1 audio channel, which is as close as you’ll get to the original studio master. The update will output all 7.1 channels via HDMI,…

Apple rumour #948,261: new MacBooks in June?


Exciting news for those who’ve been considering migrating over to the iCrowd, but on the other hand, bad news for those who recently bought a MacBook. Yes, it’s that time of year when rumours surface about a MacBook line refresh!

According to Apple Insider, Jobs and co. are preparing a new MacBook line upgrade, slimming them down, giving them larger track pads for the multi-touch technology seen on the Air, and putting aluminum and stainless steel finishes on them. New keyboards round off the rumoured upgrades, however no…

New (rumoured) Intel processor for MacBook Pro and Dell notebooks promises more rivalry between the formats!

MacBook_Pro-dell%282%29.jpgProcessor nutters, rear your pasty white little faces and check out this nugget of truth rumour. Apple and Dell (who Microsoft smooches with most of all), are apparently releasing laptops containing Intel’s glorious new 45-nanonmetre Penryn processor – at the same time!

Someone needs to synch up their Google Calenders, tsk.

This isn’t rumoured to be in the ‘foreseeable future’ either, as according to reports, it could be as early as next week. Apple’s MacBook Pro range has been tipped as the possible product upgrade, with improved…