Apple rumour #78,941 for the week – new MacBooks in as little as six weeks?

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apple-macbook-2.jpgThankfully another rumour from inside Cupertino has reared its smooth white head, with a Commercial Times article claiming that we’ll be seeing an upgrade to the MacBook range in the third quarter of 2008.

For anyone holding out for a new MacBook, that’s at least six weeks away, and even then, it’s still just rumour. The rumours this time around seem to be based on two Taiwanese flat-panel makers receiving orders for up to 3 million units for new MacBooks.

Most believe the revision will include a slimmer exterior, multi-touch trackpads, and either aluminum and stainless steel cases or just finishes. In June, Intel’s launching their Montevina chips, which are sure to wind up in the new models.

(via MacRumors)

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Katherine Hannaford
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