Vodafone acquires mobile contacts web service ZYB

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ZYB.jpgSurely that’s every entrepreneur’s dream; start up a website and get bought out for £25m while it’s still in beta?

That’s exactly what’s happened for the, until very recently, Danish website ZYB, which combines storing all the data and texts from your mobile phone with social networking, when Vodafone saw an opportunity.

“Vodafone understands that the core of any customer’s personal and business network is the set of contacts they hold on their mobile phone,” said Internet Services Director for Vodafone Group Pieter Knook.”

“Using a web portal as a link between the PC and the mobile device, ZYB provides an interactive way for people to nurture, contact and develop their relationships with their most important friends and colleagues and builds links with those contacts’ wider networks. This is Web 2.0 in action.”

The acquisition is part of Vodafone’s Total Communications strategy and brings them in line with competitors O2, who already have the similar Blue Book as well as the searing advantage of the iPhone contract.

Vodafone may have fallen back in recent times from the consumer deals offered by its competitors but with new flat rate data plans and moves such as this, it’s clear that the Newbury based company is looking to come back and come back strong.


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Daniel Sung
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