ZYB: Blue Book for the rest of us not on O2

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ZYB-logo.jpgEver feel like your life revolves around your mobile? Don’t worry, most people do and it’s all well and good, until that is you lose the son-of-a-bitch or it dares run out of batteries over something as trifling as you forgetting to switch on the charger at the mains overnight. Lousy wall sockets.

You may have noticed that one service provider was good enough to come up with a solution with the advent of Blue Book, and those on 02 have had the benefit of a corner of the internet devoted to them and all the information locked inside their handsets.

But now ZYB is on the scene and they won’t discriminate against you based on your network. Yes, anyone can join for free and upload their contacts lists, photos, videos and any other media they like.

The site also offers social networking but in a much more friendly and updated manner than its competitors like Gypsii and Yahoo’s “One Connect” and you know what, it just plain looks better too.

My only issue with ZYB is that despite the help of some very friendly people, I still can’t get my phone to synch with the service and I’m starting to give up. To be fair, though, the site is still in beta and I may just be being stupid.


ZYB looks well positioned to pick up a fair few users but I’d be surprised if any of those are on 02. Both services allow you to store your texts online but the difference with Blue Book is that it’s done automatically and it’s done for free. ZYB will cost you the price of an SMS each time and I hate to think of the kind of bill you could run up transferring all your picture messages.


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Daniel Sung
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  • Hm. Not quite the same as bluebook used to be.

    I can find no way to sync my iphone’s messages automatically as I roam.

    Yeah I can fiddle about when I sync but I’d rather it was just part of mobile me (which I don’t think it is but I haven’t got mobileme yet). Unfortunately shortly after bluebook was available for iPhone they stopped doing the text backup – I think because it took too much server space. Bit short sighted. They’re a mobile company – they should have had SOME idea of how many messages they’d have to cope with before they started…

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