ZYB: Blue Book for the rest of us not on O2


Ever feel like your life revolves around your mobile? Don’t worry, I think most people do and it’s all well and good, until that is you lose the son-of-a-bitch or it dares run out of batteries over something as trifling as you forgetting to switch on the charger at the mains overnight. Lousy wall sockets.

You may have noticed that one service provider was good enough to come up with a solution to the problem with the advent of Blue Book and those on 02 have had the benefit of a corner of the internet devoted to them and all the information locked inside their handsets.

But now ZYB is on the scene and they won’t discriminate against you based on your network…

O2 rolls out the Bluebook online data back-up service and blogging platform


O2 has removed the need to buy gadgets such as ThinkGeek’s sim card back-up tool, today announcing the (re)launch of Bluebook – an online service that backs up customers’ contacts, texts and picture messages. They first demo-ed this late 2006.

It’s free, and automatic, with customers asked simply to register for the service. Once saved, the texts and picture messages can be edited or even saved in online albums, which you can then share with friends or publish on your O2 Bluebook blogging platform, Blueblog. Adding to that, photos…