O2 rolls out the Bluebook online data back-up service and blogging platform

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o2-logo-blue.jpgO2 has removed the need to buy gadgets such as ThinkGeek’s sim card back-up tool, today announcing the (re)launch of Bluebook – an online service that backs up customers’ contacts, texts and picture messages. They first demo-ed this late 2006.

It’s free, and automatic, with customers asked simply to register for the service. Once saved, the texts and picture messages can be edited or even saved in online albums, which you can then share with friends or publish on your O2 Bluebook blogging platform, Blueblog. Adding to that, photos you take on your handset can be sent to Bluebook as well, by MMS-ing them to 40202 for free.

I can see just a couple of downsides to this handy service, the first being just half of the handsets offered on the 02 network are compatible, and the second being the obvious danger and future repercussions involving publishing texts and MMS photos to the whole world. Expect a lot of naughty, cheating husbands to be caught out over this service.

O2 Bluebook

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Katherine Hannaford
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