Milner Motors AirCar – fly it or drive it down the road


milner.jpgThe flying car – it’s getting closer you know. In fact, if you have a substantial amount of cash spare, you can get your name down now for the Milner Motors AirCar.

Set to be unveiled later this month at the New York International Auto Show, the Milner Motors AirCar, developed by Jim Milner, is a fully-functioning four-seater plane, but with its folding wings, can happily drive along the road too. Just think of the benefits when you hit those traffic jams?

It weighs around 3,000 pounds and cruise at 200 mph for up to 1,000-miles, courtesy of two rotary engines that drive dual 28-inch pusher ducted fans and a separate 40 horsepower engine. It’s yours for $450,000.

Milner Motors (via Born Rich)

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  • I’m hoping Captain Slow will get a chance to test drive/fly it on the next series of TopGear!

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