Mobile phone projectors COMING SOON – Texas Instruments says end of 2008

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texas-instruments-pico-mini-projector.jpgAwesome. Just what we need. Another XXXXing way for XXXing inconsiderate complete XXXing XXXXs to XXXXing invade our XXXXing personal XXXXing space while on the XXXXing bus. Or on the XXXXing tube.

As if the tinny sounds of MP3s ringing out of cheap Chinese speakers everywhere you go nowadays wasn’t bad enough, Texas Instruments is about to UNLEASH HELL – and bring fully-functional projection cameras to mobile phones before the end of 2008.

John Van Scoter, company senior vice president of TI’s projection business, reckons that companies are already building devices using the TI Pico projector – and they’ll be ready to ruin public spaces across the developed world by the second-half of this year.

Is anyone free this weekend? Only we’re going to spend it building a robot and a time machine, to send back in time to 1929 to assassinate the founder of Texas Instruments and stop this LIVING HELL from ever being released upon society.

(Via DigiTimes)

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Gary Cutlack
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  • Perhaps, but I think it’s inevitably going to be Tupac videos beamed onto my face by gangs of youths on the night bus home 🙁

  • chill Gary!! yeah it’s gonna be annoying but expensive (initially) so not everyone will have one…real lift here is with biz apps…what a sweet deal to NOT have to carry around a laptop AND a projector to display your pitch to potential new business…just do it from your phone…

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