The Star Wars R2-D2 web-cam is also a VoIP phone, digital camera, remote control…

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R2-D2 has been reincarnated in many various forms before, however this is the first time I’ve seen him as an all-in-one little web-cam. Have you seen it before?

However long it’s been kicking around on the internet for, it’s only just been added to the virtual shelves at I Want One Of Those. In addition to allowing you to show your rude bits at your various IM contacts, it can also be used as a digital camera, VoIP phone (glowing blue when in use), records sound (as well as plays it), and acts as a remote control as well.

Shame you’ll have to flog your Stormtrooper outfit in order to afford one, as it’s £299.

IWOOT’s R2-D2 web-cam

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Katherine Hannaford
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