Texas Instruments' Pico chipsets go into production – projection coming to mobile phones in 2008?

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We’ve been talking about this for some months, but until this week, Texas Instruments’ pico projector technology was just a concept. Not anymore – the DLP Pico chipset is now in production, with availability from mid-2008.

What that means is handheld devices able to project images to a big screen, should you wish to share that movie or snap. Two chipsets are being produced – the DPP1500 is targeted at embedded applications for handheld devices, while the DDP1505 is aimed at standalone handheld devices.

“Transforming and improving the way content is experienced from mobile devices has taken a giant step forward with the announcement of production availability of DLP Pico chipset ,” said Frank J. Moizio, business manager, emerging markets for TI’s DLP Front Projection. “Working with our partners (Foxconn, Sypro, and Young Optics), we are delighted by the image quality that this chipset is capable of producing in their products – it truly has to be seen to be believed.”

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