Laptop specialist Rock grudgingly offers Blu-ray support

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rock-dumps-hd-dvd-for-blu-ray-laptop.jpgHardcore power-laptop maker Rock has decided to dump its HD DVD-exclusive stance and let buyers stick Blu-ray drives in its range of gaming laptop beasts should they so desire.

Rock’s clearly gutted CEO Nick Boardman said “We’re disappointed that HD-DVD didn’t make it and we value the support Toshiba has given us. Although Blu-ray has technical advantages, HD-DVD offers excellent value for money and lends itself well to the PC platform. Sony’s marketing and business tactics however, eventually stole the match.”

Even if you have a machine on order with Rock right now you can, in the words of Rock, “stick with HD-DVD, downgrade to DVD-RW or upgrade to Blu-ray.”

Rock also highlights the price differential between HD DVD and Blu-ray, with the Sony NEC BC-5000A 2x Blu-ray combo drive costing over TWICE the price of an equivalent HD DVD unit. Why was it Blu-ray won again?

(Via Rock)

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