Future MacBook Pros may come with in-built Blu-ray drive

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macbook_pro_blu_ray.gifThose rumourmongers over at AppleInsider suggest that built-in Blu-ray drives could soon be a reality for Apple’s MacBook Pro notebook computers. An “insider” reckons that Apple are in talks with Sony to provide the hardware.

If reports are true, quality issues were to blame for delaying a Blu-ray launch with the latest line of MacBook Pros.

We’ve been waiting a long time for Apple to take an active decision on including high definition drives as a standard or an option on its range of computers. Unless the company chooses to ignore HD altogether for now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Blu-ray drives will be added soon enough.

After all, what company in their right mind would add HD DVD drives to their PCs now? In any case, Apple is best buds with Disney, who have always supported the Blu side.

What could be more worrying for notebook manufacturers in general is the amount of battery power running a high definition drive takes. Not only is there the physical requirement of handling and reading from the disc, but also the much more intensive multi-processor usage required for decoding and displaying high definition content.

Wired recently reported that current Blu-ray equipped notebooks could barely play half a disc before running out of power, meaning that you’ll want to be near a power point when watching movies. However, second generation machines should be more efficient.

(Via Apple Insider)

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