Nokia to put Microsoft's Silverlight on S60, Series 40, and Internet tablets

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microsoft_silverlight_logo.gifNokia has announced that it will be putting Silverlight technology onto a number of its handsets and Internet tablets.

Silverlight is Microsoft’s cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in which can be used for a wide variety of interactive multimedia applications, and competes with the likes of Flash, Shockwave, and Quicktime.

Nokia will put the technology on its S60 Symbian OS platform, on its Series 40 devices, and on its Internet tablets.

S60 developers will be able to get hold of Silverlight development tools later in the year, while availability for other platforms is to be confirmed.

Ensuring plenty of geek-speak, Lee Williams, Senior Vice President in Nokia’s Devices software organisation, said,”Today’s consumers are very clear in what they want: easy access to tightly integrated services and data on any device. Nokia’s software strategy is based on cross-platform development environments, enabling the creation of rich applications across the Nokia device range.”

Hopefully, this translates to many more cool mobile applications.

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