Asus FINALLY shows off its 8.9" Eee upgrade – the Eee PC 900


Here it is. Here it is! HERE IT IS!

Finally, after months of hinting and rumours and, frankly, outright lies on the internet, the 8.9″ Eee PC upgrade has been shown off at CeBIT 2008. Here it is. Here it is! HERE IT IS!


Doesn’t that extra couple of inches make all the difference? Without the massive black bezel the new Eee looks frankly stunning. Featuring 1GB of RAM with solid-state drives up to 12GB – and a whopping 1024×600 display (whopping compared to the old Eee) – it ought to be even more of a joy to operate under the duvet than the original Eee.

Asus reckons the Eee PC 900 will be out in mid-2008, with a price tag of 399 euros – that’s a shade over £300. Here’s hoping for a £299 launch. Although £309 would do. Or even £319.

(Via Dailytech)

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  • Looks like a brilliant little machine, the bigger screen will reduce battery life by about 5-10% over the previous eee pc but the increase in screen size is very welcome and looks to be the way forward. The eee pc is certainly in a class of its own due to competitive pricing and specs. Looks like ASUS’s gamble paid off with this little machine, well done!

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