CES 2008 LEFTOVERS: An apology regarding our failure to mention the new 8" and 8.9" Eee PCs


We really ought to have done something about this, what with the blog liking Eee PC so much and mentioning Eee PC so often we might as well just go and change that masthead to a big photo of us all kissing an Eee PC and start calling the site “Eee PC News” or “Eee PC Daily Digest.”

Anyway. We didn’t mention the two new Eee PC models because they weren’t actually at CES in a physical new-plastic-smell sense – but Asus did confirm their existence in a press conference with US mobile company Sprint.


And there she is. Like what they’ve done with the bezel. Putting it in white is enough of an optical illusion to make the screen look bigger all on its own, and that’s without the extra inch of actual screen you’re also getting into the deal.

Asus declined to announce the important stuff like dates, prices, hard drive sizes, wireless options, battery life, colours and all that, which is actually great news for us – it means we’ll be able to carry on doing about nine Eee PC updates a week for the whole of 2008 as the details gradually slip out!

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Gary Cutlack
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