2007 in Review No. 6: Asus Eee PC storms the market

2007 In Review

asus-eee-pc-2007.jpgPart of our series of festive posts looking back at the key happenings in 2007…

Who would have thought that a £219 laptop would have been THE hard-to-find gadget for Christmas 2007? Apart from the Wii, of course (I’ll get to that in another post). Asus has been shovelling Eee PCs onto the shelves as fast as it can, but they’re being snapped up just as fast.

The success of the teeny-tiny Eee showed the demand for a cheap, accessible laptop with Wi-Fi built-in. It was also a huge boost for Linux, which is now in the hands of thousands of people who’ve probably never been exposed to it before.

The question is what happens next? There’ll be more Eees from Asus, including features like Windows XP, more memory, and a built-in 3G modem. But other laptop manufacturers are sure to try and get in on the action with their own models in 2008.

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Stuart Dredge
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